Interpreter Training

Candidates for the Language Bank Medical Interpretation Training (LBMIT) will be selected upon the principles, eligibility criteria and selection criteria described below. The following principles for the selection of the candidates for the LBMIT are based on its commitment to achieving the above.

The aim of this selection process is to accept the best available trainees for this course, with the objective of producing professional interpreters who possess the following characteristics:

  • Academic/educational background of at least high school
  • Language proficiency (in English and foreign Language)

Prior to attending this course, prospective trainees are screened for language fluency to ensure that they are able to meet the standards of the course. The results will determine whether the candidate has enough language fluency in English and one target language. Linguistic abilities, knowledge of basic medical terminology, oral and written skills in English and the target language are assessed.

The final selection of candidates will be based on merit. The selection process will be documented, transparent and objective and will be subjected to review to ensure its validity and effectiveness.

The selection process will be documented, transparent and objective.

To be eligible to attend this training program the candidate must:

  • Be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Speak a minimum of two (2) languages, being one of them English
  • Register for our training through our online registration process
  • Attend one of the Advising sessions. This is mandatory.
  • Provide official document(s) of formal education: proof of a minimum of High School or GED level of education; or any higher education degree (Associates, Bachelors, Masters, PhD)
  • When English proficiency testing is needed, an in-house English test will be administered to the candidate. The candidate’s final score must be at least 20 out of 32 correct answers
    1. If candidate’s score is less than 20 correct answers, he/she will have a second chance to re-take the English test. If the candidate fails the second English test, he/she will not be eligible for the current training (after 6 months, candidates can re-register and re-take the English test)
  • When proficiency testing in the target language is needed, the Language Bank will send the candidate’s information to a third party tester who will schedule him/her for testing. A minimum score of 77% in the target language and/or English is required to be eligible to attend.
  • Candidates already trained as medical interpreters will not be eligible to attend.

In order to be eligible to attend the advising session, all candidates must proceed to upload the following required proof of formal education:

  1. Copy of a high school diploma/GED from the US or a foreign country
  2. If you have completed higher education, please upload a copy of a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD diploma from an US college/University or a foreign country (if you completed formal education in different countries upload both)
  3. If you are currently enrolled in an US college/university but have not yet finished your degree, upload a copy of your college transcription.

These documents will be reviewed and used to determine language proficiency. If any of the language proficiency testing is needed, you will be contacted to schedule you for the test.