During this time of uncertainty, we want to assure you that Language Bank remains capable of fulfilling all of your interpretation and translation needs. Second only to the health and safety of our staff and those we serve, our priority at the moment is to remain fully operational and available to our clients so that your patients and customers can receive the care and services they need.

We continue to monitor our interpreters’ health and wellbeing through daily screening and have instituted many precautionary measures. For example, much of our office staff has started working remotely and we are reinforcing all of the latest guidance from the CDC. Our goal is to minimize risk and protect our employees’ and clients’ health while continuing to provide critical communication access services to our valued clients. We assure you that the health and safety of our employees, interpreters, clients and our client’s patients and customers is our top priority.

Alternatives to In-Person Interpreting

As an alternative to in-person interpreting, many organizations have begun utilizing Over-the-Phone and Video-Remote Interpreting services from Language Bank. If you have never used these services, we are happy to discuss them with you to address any questions and see if they would be a good fit. This may also be a good time to explore creative ways to achieve your communication-access needs, such as using video and audio recordings of materials like slide decks and school lessons. We are open to piloting or partnering on new methods for achieving your goals.

During this unprecedented time, we are here to help you in any way possible.