Interpreter Credential Guide

Our Interpreters have various qualifications to cater to our diverse clientele. The guide provided below is a resource to identify what acronyms are used for specific credentials.

Key to Interpreter Credentials and Other Acronyms

Communication Access Real-time Translation CART
Conditional Legal Interpreter Permit: Reverse CLIP-R
Certified Deaf Interpreter CDI
Certificate of Interpretation CI
Certificate of Transliteration CT
Comprehensive Skills Certificate CSC
Educational Certificate: K-12 Ed:K-12
Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment EIPA
Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing MCDHH
New Hampshire Interpreter Classification System NHICS
National Association of the Deaf III (Generalist) NAD III
National Association of the Deaf IV (Advanced) NAD IV
National Association of the Deaf V (Master) NAD V
National Interpreter Certification NIC
National Interpreter Certification – Advanced NIC-A
National Interpreter Certification – Master NIC-M
Oral Transliteration Certificate OTC
Reverse Skills Certificate RSC
Specialist Certificate: Legal SC:L
Support Service Provider SSP