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Language Bank provides fast, affordable translations in over 150 languages. We pride ourselves on our diverse group of experienced, certified translators, and our attentive customer service.

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Document Translation

Document Translation

Language Bank provides free quotes for high quality, regulatory-compliant translation services for all your industry needs. We work with your deadlines and your documents to create the best possible product.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on customer care. All our communications are tailored to you and what you need.

Commonly Translated Documents

Medical Patient Communication

Legal Contracts


Medical Forms

School Records and Announcements

Marriage and Birth Certificates

Technical Literature

Research Surveys

Languages We Offer

Language Bank currently offers the following languages (language availability is subject to change and all languages may not be available at all locations):
Albanian (from Kosovo)
American Sign Language (ASL)
Cape Verdean Creole
Chinese (Cantonese)
Chinese (Mandarin)
Dzongkha (Bhutanese)
French (Parisian)
French (Canadian)
Haitian Creole
Liberian English
Maay Maay (Somali)
Nepali Sign Language (NSL)
And more!
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Convenient and Efficient

The Language Bank is so convenient and efficient to work with, I really can't imagine ever going back to our previous vendor. Our account coordinator has been amazing and has helped us set up key documents in a timely manner. Above all though, I trust that documents are being accurately translated which is vital for compliance purposes in our industry - Alexander

Efficiency and attentiveness of Customer Service was absolutely outstanding.

The only thing stopping me from giving LB a super-high rating is that I have not yet had to put the translation to the test (it will have to satisfy immigration officials/lawyers). All looks excellent to me, and the efficiency and attentiveness of Customer Service was absolutely outstanding. – Gerry

I am extremely pleased with the outcome

This was my first time ordering translation services in a while. Customer Service was responsive and on point with her communications as well as being genuinely friendly! I am extremely pleased with the outcome and glad I've reconnected with Language Bank. – Jennifer

Got a crucial translation done for me on a tight deadline

The folks at the Language Bank were super communicative, responsive, and got a crucial translation done for me on a tight deadline with zero hassle – Hunter

Clear and transparent

Coordinators keep us updated with pricing and timeline, it was clear and transparent. The team worked patiently with us through multiple rounds of updates. – Katie

Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the difference between Interpretation and Translation?

The main difference between Interpretation and Translation is that Translation focuses on written content (document translations, contracts, brochures, diplomas, etc.) For Interpretation, the message is orally conveyed from one language into another language.

What can I expect when I request a translation?

You can expect to receive an email or call back within 1 business day. A dedicated project manager will provide a smooth coordination of services, answering all your questions and concerns. We will confirm all details with you before beginning work on your project.

What languages do you cover?

We translate to over 150 languages and are always adding new ones. We cover languages from all over the world and all the languages commonly requested. Contact us with questions and we are happy to help you. Please see the bottom of the page for a partial list.

How long do your translations take?

We work with your deadline! Our standard turnaround time for most projects is 7-10 business days. If you need to translations the next day or within the week or by next Friday, let us know! We can do all of that too, and adjust our prices accordingly.

How do you determine pricing?

We customize quotes to every assignment so we can suit your deadline, your language, and your formatting needs. Prior to your approval, we will provide a free estimate of service. We will work with your project and budget constraints, please contact us for more details.

What file formats do you work with?

We work with Word, PDF, Excel, InDesign, audio, and video files most frequently. However, we have a team of Desktop Publishing experts ready to handle any file type.

Do you provide notarized translations or certificates of translation?

Yes! We provide signed affidavits and mailed packages on request.

Do you offer proofreading and transcription services? 

Yes!  Contact us for more information.

Who are your translators?

All our translators are certified, experienced, and carefully vetted before they start working on our projects. Since our translators come from so many different backgrounds, they often specialize in specific dialects. If you have an audience in mind, just let us know.

What if my documents are especially confidential?

While all of our communications are encrypted, we encourage you to use the upload link above. This is a SecureFile Transfer system, which limits the amount of downloads and recipients, has a download expiration date, and notifies you when your files have been downloaded.

Why don’t you provide translations for free?

Language Bank is part of a regional nonprofit called Ascentria Care Alliance. By using Language Bank you are indirectly supporting other Ascentria programs, such as nursing homes, refugee resettlement services, and care centers for people with disabilities. A choice to use Language Bank for interpretation and translation needs is a choice to help those programs flourish too. We also charge so we can pay our translators fair wages.